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...do delay

In collaboration with:
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Ivan Argote, Anna Lascari, Conny Karlsson Lundgren, Zohra Opoku, Franck-Lee Alli-Tis aka Vassiliea Stylianidou, Marie Zolamian

…do delay is an act of loitering around the city with a portable projector and a collection of (art) videos. It is a walking improvisation that inserts ephemeral reveries of moving images in public spaces of Nicosia by suggesting open relations between what we select to screen and what we encounter around us. Not having in mind any predetermined routes or sites, our walks and screenings arise in a spur of a moment to tend to temporary layers of the city’s changing settings.

...do delay is, also, an impulse to be glimpsed at as something that interrupts the everyday transaction of prescribed attention(s). In this sense, our screenings work like doodles, those, almost, unconscious sketches drawn while daydreaming or losing interest in that particular “authorized” moment. They appear unexpectedly on walls and surfaces in Nicosia, while people’s attention is otherwise occupied. Hence, we temporarily engage with perceptions that slip through normalized and normalizing ways of seeing.