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Lulls étude 1


In collaboration with:

Marc Berman, accordion

Brice Catherin, cello

Jonathan Delachaux, clarinet, sarangi, serpent

Raphaël Ortis, electric bass

Samuel Schmidiger, electric guitar

Nasia Therapontos, composer

Lulls étude 1 is a music project around the concept of what it means to be lulled in adulthood, the social repercussions of mechanisms that fortify false senses of security. Reworking a traditional lullaby from Cyprus, this piece fuses a wide variation of instruments and musicians who listened to the lullaby just once. Based on their improvisations, a new piece of music was created by composer Nasia Therapontos and presented on Tuesday, 27 March 2018 at 17:00 and 19:00 at Point Centre for Contemporary Art.

Lulls étude 1 was conceived by pick nick, during their residency at Embassy of Foreign Artists in Geneva (July-September 2017).





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